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About us

 Art production Association "Eskiz-Metall" is a group of sculptors, modelscom, designers and founders. We create architectural elements made of metal such as cast canopy, the canopy made of iron or bronze, railing, balconies, from the simplest to the most complex.

 Our creative activity consists of ideas, sketch, design and development of the constructive part. Our production activity consists of the creation of models required for the production of castings, machining, casting, patination, Assembly and installation. All of this is formed the value of our work.

 We work with each customer individually. We do not offer a model or serial product. All the work in our portfolio are original and have no repeats.

 People are very different. One person is like another. And our work - each one the embodiment of ideas and thoughts of the customer. By ordering from us, You have the opportunity to get a unique product which is second to none.