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Architectural and artistic casting: stairs, balconies, artistic balusters and other little peculiarities in ancient and contemporary design

History of casting

 Stairs, casted balusters, balustrades simple architectural elements, which we got used to perceive as functional one, but by no means as decorative one. And it is wrong because even Roman amphitheatres and great Greek temples were decorated with artistic balconies and balustrades with figured balusters, and spiral casted iron stairs were mandatory attribute for royal houses of later centuries. Architectural casting of casted iron of XVIII – XIX centuries, created by great Russian masters, still delights view when looking at architectural masterpieces of that time and will never lose its own elegant uniqueness.


Architectural and artistic casting in nowadays

 Modern person, who has over lived Soviet era with its anonymity and punching of buildings, is unified in inspiration for individuality. That is why we decorate in every possible way our houses, order exclusive architectural projects and forger about simple things. Surely to add attention grabber to the interior and to make unique house front will help to make the same spiral casted iron stairs, carved balustrades, decorative balusters and marquees.
 The main point is that production of stairs, balusters and other similar elements would be made by masters, who know how to make masterpiece from simple things.


Modern art of building

 In nowadays, when you appeal to good workshop, which deals with architectural and artistic casting, it is possible to decorate your house with exclusive things. In such unities usually work artists, modelers, sculptors and casters, who will present even simple bronze balusters in highly artistic way.
  On clients request casting can be mad in very different styles and forms. So, it can be:
• sheds and marquees;
• artistic balusters;
• spiral and swivel stairs;
• wickets, gates;
• etc.
 Also optionally you can order full exclusive finishing of porch with decorative carving made from casted iron, decorate terrace with casted balusters, made in ancient style etc.

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