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Canopies and awnings. Iron canopy, brassawning and other SAF in architecture

 Such small architectural forms as canopies and awnings came to us from the past. In XVIII–XX (early) they were, as it is common to express nowadays, a modern architectural trend. All aristocracy of ancient Moscow ordered to manufacture items from iron, bronze and brass decorating their houses with the whole ensembles of canopies and awnings made in the unified style. Cast under the order was made by the best craftsmen; many of them came from abroad: Italy, France and etc.


Iron canopy – rich decoration

 Items from bronze and brass as well as from high endurance iron transformed facades of luxury palazzo in an incredible way and contributed delicacy and expression to the architectural solution. Sometimes the only iron canopy could serve as a rich decoration of the front entrance, instill it with palace majesty and point to the fact that aristocrats with sophisticated taste lived in this house.


Awningsand canopies: functional decor

 However, apart from decorative function, such brass, bronze and iron items for house delivered practical benefits. They protected it from natural phenomena: precipitations, winds, active sun. By the way, awnings could not only compose an architectural ensembleof the house, being a part of it, but were independent (gardenawnings).


Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1 The front porch (Russian style) Cast canopy. Pravdy, 10


Cast manufacture: materials of distant centuries

 Cast from grey iron was more often used to decorate the houses of aristocracy of the middle class. This material allowed reconstructing any artistic forms and guaranteed their longevity.
  The peerage was more interested in brass decor, surely, this “prince metal” is similar in its appearance to the gold and that’s why it enabled to emphasis the high status of the house owner.
 Brass cast was not less popular;it looked rich and was widely used in city infrastructure building decoration (e.g. temples).


Brass, iron and bronze cast in the modern architecture

 Nowadays canopies and awnings are still of immediate interest, they continue to perform their practical and decor functions. Reconstruction of cast canopies and awnings in the style of old centuries is the most popular trend. Arch and quadrate constructions from bronze, brass and iron with particular design are ordered in artistic workshops under individual drawings.
  Apart from old thing, manufacture from cast in new modern style is widespread. This style is gaining more and more admires among modern owners of the houses.


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