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Exclusive architectural molding: from A to Z

 How is the architectural molding to order fulfilled? What stages does the product pass before the customer gets it? What can modern masters offer for decoration of the interior, exterior, landscape design?


Creation of an exclusive piece

 The first stroke in the master’s draft - is the creation of a new architectural form. It’s the very starting point to develop a complex project that is later reappeared in wonderful, magical lines of architectural molding products. Initially, it’s done with a pencil and paper, then it’s transferred to a digital form by using AutoCAD or other graphical system, and then the future masterpiece in its complete shape is demonstrated to the customer. Met with approval, the draft is fulfilled in design drawings whereby it’s brought into life by modelers, founders, builders, chiselers and others.


Variations of architectural molding

 Exclusive customized castings are made of bronze, brass, cast iron. The materials can be combined, interweaving with master’s bizarre fantasy in ensembles made of wood and bronze, brass and stone, etc.
 At a whim of the artist, just ordinary architectural elements can be supplied into the most incredible shapes and styles. Exclusive architectural molding involves the making of the widest range of products:
• allegorical, kinetic sculptures and classical interior for garden, landscape design;
• decorative canopies, roof ridges, balconies and sheds;
• souvenirs, prizes;
• floor lamps, fireside sets, treillages, flower vases, decorative panels;
• complete or partial home decoration: from doorsteps to a hall’s parts.



 Definitely, the architectural molding to order is expensive whereas any exclusive thing primarily can’t be cheap. The product price includes the hard work of the whole team of masters as well as the guaranty that the final product of this work will be really unique and long lasting.


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