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Flat balusters in interior and exterior

 As a rule, balusters for balconies, stairs and other architectural elements are made with a circular or square cross-section. However, flat balusters are also popular along with the "standard" products, they are widely spread in the interior design, in the style of "Russian antiquity".


Features and types

 Balusters of a flat shape are perfect for creating complex ornamental patterns, due to the fact that they can be set close to each other. With their help it’s possible to create different types of decorations:
• «mirror-like»: absolutely identical flat balusters, which are arranged in any order;
• «picking up": balusters have a different shape and lengthen each other, recreating a complex pattern;
• Without internal thread: in this case the ornamental effect is created by a cut out pattern and there's no need to make an internal thread.


Flat balusters made of wood

 Wood is a traditional material for the making of flat-shaped balusters. It has been used for a long time, subsequently undergoing treatment (painting, varnishing, etc.) to eliminate the destruction of the products.
 While making of flat wooden balusters', workpieces based on drafts are carved, next comes a cutting process (turning) and polishing.


Flat cast iron balusters

 Cast iron is an excellent alternative to wood. In contrast to the material mentioned above, it allows to create constructions "forever" without additional coatings.
 Flat cast iron balusters are made by the method of casting. Such elements are molded seamless and reliable (capable to withstand heavy loadings) and are presented by the craftsmen in a highly-artistic manner.
 Brass or bronze can be an equally successful alternate of cast iron.


Forms and Styles

 As ordinary balusters, flat elements can take a variety of forms at master’s option: they can be made in the form of animals’ figures, bizarre geometric patterns, etc.
 Flat shaped balusters perfectly match the interior/exterior. Thus, wooden balusters will become an organic decoration for buildings in the rustic or ethnic style and houses, decorated on the model of the old Russian style.
 To purchase balusters of cast iron, brass or bronze for such styles as Baroque, Gothic, Empire and modern ones is the best choice. Although, there in Russian classicism the cast iron products look just as good as wooden ones.


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