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Garden adornments: modern abilities

 Having your own garden it is impossible not to want to adorn it, to create masterpiece, using all accessible abilities. And the most simple solution for decoration of arboretum is usage of different garden adornments.



 For those who wish to achieve perfection of landscape, firstly they have to apply to the sculpture. Its usage will allow setting an atmosphere, stylistics, structure of garden.
 Garden adornments in the form of sculpture are represented today in all variety of variations:
Classic sculpture. Here related figures made from everlasting materials: bronze, brass and cast iron. Subject matter can be variable: from astonishing Greek goddesses to nice angels of Renaissance era.
Abstractions and artsculpture. For this art creative idea, are used modern materials: wires, brass tubes etc. Such garden adornments bring freshness of master`s idea and introduce in general landscape composition originality and specific art-style.
«Sculpture miniature». This category includes variable garden figures of small size: tiny fantastic characters, animals, figures of ancient divinity etc.


Sculpture additions and other garden adornments

 Besides sculpture, arboretum can be enlivened and adorned with help of another street furniture. For this goal will suit:
• decorative bird baths;
• benches (cast iron with original figure elements);
• props for flowers and cache-pot, perfectly looking with plants and without them;
• decorative pillars (Egyptian, Empire, spiral);
• different lanterns, arches etc.

 A wide array of choices of garden adornment gives unlimited abilities in creation of true masterpiece; however, main thing is originality of idea. Masterpieces are not created from usual things: sculpture and other elements, picked for garden, must be exclusive. Even the simplest sculpture element, masterly made by painter and sculptor, will make landscape image interesting, non-trivial and unique.

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