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Garden figures: decorate arboretum in right way

 Tradition to decorate gardens with all kinds of figures appeared many centuries ago and it is actively kept in nowadays. Garden figures are bought with pleasure and put in public arboretums, private gardens and mini-parks. However if specialists are working for society, who are good at peculiarities of decoration of green squares, so in simple cases house owners have to rely on their own skills and sense of style or to hire masters of landscape design. If the last point is unaffordable for you or you don`t like it, you do not trust to your designers or want to decorate garden by yourself, here are some recommendations for creation of landscape composition in right way:
• Color. Use garden figures, to enliven or to give some light to complex parts. So, light-colored products will perfectly look in shadowed zones, and colorful will decorate monotone green plantations (for example, bush line).
• Sizes. If arboretum has wide zones with plain lines (flowerbeds, sweeps, lawns), underline them with garden figures.
• Style. Creating compositions with accents on sculpture product, made in highly artistic style, avoid domination of green plantings: the value of such garden figure will be lost.
• Seasonality. Consider peculiarities of seasonal development of vegetation in your garden: sculptures must not be lost in ranked vegetation and be covered with blossoming flowers.
• «Environment». Put all figures in accordance with their environment put frogs near pond, birds on the tree, rabbits on sweeps etc. Figures of wild animals can be put all over the garden: they will make from it real forest.


Ideas for landscape and interior

 Garden figures can be used in interior. For example, they will perfectly look in domestic greenhouses, terraces, garden rooms and simple live corners of private houses. Ideas for decoration can be invented individually or can be found in Internet. Originality of landscape character will not suffer from this, if you will use works of authorship: exclusive garden figures will make it unforgettable.

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