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Garden sculpture: history and intent. Origin and revival. Garden figures in nowadays

 The history of garden sculpture originates in ancient times. It is not definitely known who firstly decorated arboretum with garden sculptures, but in Ancient Rome, and in Greece, and in Egypt shadowy gardens were with abundance of sculpture products.
 In major cases garden figures were used for decorative purposes mainly by rich magnates, who could pay for not expensive master`s work. Sculpture decorated vineyards of nobility, underlined the beauty of royal arboretums, which became precious thing for gardens of Egyptian queens. However in some countries garden figures were used for securing purposes: certain sculptures (ritual) in form of god and magical creatures guarded gardens from evil spirits.


Revival of garden sculpture


 As in cases of many other arts, sculpture revival became in Renaissance era and happened with help of the most talented Italian masters. Garden figures became compulsory thing every Italian magnate decorated with them arboretum, regardless of their price, which sometimes was exorbitant. One of the best sculptors of that time was Lorenzo Bernini: his works decorated royal gardens, and one of the sculptures later was bought for Saint-Petersburg`s Summer Garden. To add some words, this was not the only one sculpture brought from Italy to Russia, later for Tsarskoye Selo, Summer Garden and Petergof were bought works of Pietro Baratta.


Garden sculpture in nowadays


 After revival it was common to speak about decadence, but it does not related to the art of sculpture. It was and stays important: in nowadays different garden figures, sculptures, decorative pillars etc. are widely used for landscape design.
 The preferences of modern inhabitants did not change: despite many offerings for purchases of line-production items, authorial sculpture stays the most desired and precious exemplar for every garden. As in ancient times, garden figures, made by real painters and sculptors are expensive, but they are only able to make garden exclusive and that is why they are honored with attention of real art devotees.

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