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Garden sculpture: use and implication

 If creating garden, thinking over general composition, professional landscape designers always try to use garden sculpture. It helps to implement a number of problems, final goal of which is addition of harmony and beauty in settled arboretum.

Garden sculpture: organic part of landscape, as well as the stone is essential part of natural scenery.

 The foremost meaning of garden sculpture is of course its decorative function. Sorted out according to the general concept of garden composition and erected in right way, can become luxurious garden adornment and add space sense. Beautiful sculpture assembly allows setting theme, gives sense and mood, excluding monotony and inhospitality.
 By definition garden sculpture is one of arboretum elements, which are closely linked with its elements: green spaces, pads and roads, garden structures. That is why it is often used for underlining and strengthening of general assembly. However sculpture can be basic, centre of composition, which role is bright accent.
 In such way, garden sculptures can be used as nice decoration, frame for main adornments of arboretum. For example, they can underline beauty of its plants, used in way of artistic cache-pots and vases. And can become by themselves centre, which brings tone to the all other framework.



 Second, but not less important meaning of garden sculpture is practical use. So, with a help of garden sculpture landscape designers implement:
• space zoning. Sculptures in combination with suitable vegetation introduce to the different garden parts structure and color;
• artistic illumination. Different lanterns and floor lamps with original design adorn garden during daytime, and in the evening beneficially underline landscape composition;
• arrangement of lounge zones. For example, for this can be used benches made of cast iron from the manufacturer, offering products with artistic design (with figured side plates and backrests). Also often with this goal are used sculptures in form of animals, cars etc, which have enough space for sitting.


Individuality: custom-built garden sculpture

 Besides above mentioned points, there is one more important moment: usage of sculpture allows making your own arboretum unlike the other one. The point is about the work of authorship, created by painters and sculptors according to the individual projects of consumer and own sketches. They are made in single exemplar and preserve part of creator`s soul. It is not impersonal industrial producing, allowing to make garden really special. Their main advantage original ideas and masterful implementation: stone, wood, bronze, brass and other materials in these garden sculptures are lively and warm. And nevertheless they are more expensive than simple production-line items, it is widely recommended to buy such garden sculptures, for those who gravitates to individuality and wants to astonish their guests.

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