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Garden sculptures: materials and their peculiarities

 In nowadays market of street furniture offers dozens of materials, from which decorations for parks are made: a variety of figures, lanterns and of course garden sculptures.
 Many depend on material: type of product, term of usefulness, price, serviceability and even ability to go together with general landscape group.


 Mostly garden sculptures are made of:
Wood. This material provides special texture of products and reasonable price. However such sculptures are not everlasting and complex in use: even with qualitative surface they badly go over through bad weather conditions, they can become black and dry up.
Glass. Glass figures are interesting and good-looking near water, however they need very careful treatment and completely unfit for mini-parks of private houses, with children.
Marble. Marble products are aristocratic, soil and water resistant. However marble one of the most expensive and sensitive stone to the cold: during winter time garden sculptures should be covered or taken to the warm place, which brings additional costs for transportation and deprives from aesthetic pleasure.
Bronze. Bronze products are very solid, weather-resistant and long-term. Being long-term and resistant to precipitations, reasonably priced bronze traditionally became the most popular material for production of street furniture.
Brass. Brass is perfect for installations and bas-reliefs. It is resistant to corrosion and does not needs special treatment for support of external view of products.
Cast iron. This material is used for sculptures for many centuries and is perfect raw material for production of cast architectural forms for example famous Kasli compositions made from cast iron. Alloy serves for hundreds of years and garden sculptures, made from it are almost everlasting.
 So, cast iron, brass and bronze are the most everlasting, available and simple in treatment materials for creation of sculptures and other street furniture. Any product can be made from them:
• benches;
• fences;
• lanterns and piers;
• statues;
• installations;
• etc.
 Special technical qualities of these alloys also provide wide abilities in creation of authorial sculptures, which always impresses with strict lines and excellent quality of casting. Exclusive sculpture made from these materials has big artistic merit and is unique adornment for any park.

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