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Making of balusters: forged and cast components of stairs

 Due to the variety of their forms metal balusters are widely used in the facade and interior design as the components of stairs, elements for balconies, terraces etc.
 There are two types of metal balusters, determined by the method of their production: cast and forged products. Each of them has some advantages and features.


Making of balusters: by the forging process

 Forged balusters are quite popular as the components of stairs, made of marble, metal, wood. Soft kinds of copper, steel or iron are used for their production. Forging is done in two ways: hot or cold process.
• Cold-working involves operation with special equipment, where a prearranged workpiece is bent or punched and after that a variety of decorative fixtures are welded to it.
• Hot forging requires heating to plastic condition and shaping under high temperature.
 Making of balusters: by cold forging is characterized by high labor and relatively low cost. Hot forging requires great skill and vast store of knowledge in the field of metal working by this way.


Making of balusters: by the casting process

 Cast balusters making involves working with molten metal, which is heated to extreme temperatures and is filled in the form. The most popular materials for casting are cast iron and brass.
 The main advantage of this method for making of balusters: is its economic efficiency (almost non-waste production) and the accuracy of the result. Unlike forged ones, cast balusters have a perfect, flawless form duplicating the workpiece.
 Moreover, the method of casting makes it possible to turn the most unusual, daring and creative design into life. It allows you to present any form of any configuration, complexity and filling, and create unique components of stairs, balconies and terraces.


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