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Stair elements: all about balusters

 Balusters – one of the main stair elements, they are vertical, support stands, which have practical and decorative functions. Deal with safety (serve as barrier), support handholds and are used as décor elements. Besides barrier for stair pathway also used for terraces, balconies, porches and other architectural elements from which consist balustrades.


Construction and materials

 Balusters consist from three parts:
• basis (also called pint);
• upper part, which is mounted on handhold;
• central part, which has decorative function.
 These stair elements are made from different materials: PVC, glass, polyurethane, concrete, wood and metals. Last variant is the most preferable in modern architecture.


Types of balusters

 Depending on what material is used in production, balusters can be:
• sharpened, machined, carved (wood);
• beaten and casted (iron balusters);
• volume and plain;
• integral and combined.
 Combined banisters are made from several materials. So, such stair elements can combine cast iron and glass, brass and wood. Metal in this case is used for production of basis and upper part, to provide needed safety of construction.


The most popular: metal balusters, cast iron balusters

 Today are the most popular casted balusters for stairs, which are made from different alloys by order. They can be casted in multiple different forms and harmonically fit into already made design-project of interior and exterior. Such stair elements is winning solution for every assembly, because they can be used individually in composition, easily transformed with help of master into original sculpture.

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