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Types of canopies: forged and cast canopies, items from iron, bronze, brass

 Today the owners of private residences and luxurious weekend retreats often order forge or cast decor for the house facade decoration. Cast canopies, awnings with extravagant forged patterns, artistic balconies and etc. are manufactured under the order. These are the two first items that take the priority in popularity rating: canopies and awnings are ordered most often as far as not every house has balconies whereas each of them has windows and front entrances.


Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1 The front porch (Russian style) Cast canopy. Pravdy, 10


Awnings and canopies: manufacture of items by cast and forge

 Artistic steel structures are manufactured by different means. They can be weldments, combined (cast-forged), forged and cast canopies with awnings. These decor items are made from iron, steel, bronze, brass and other materials.
 Forged and cast items from iron as well as from materials that simulate the gold – brass and bronze – prevail.
 There is an age-long contest between forge and cast in the sphere of awnings and canopies manufacture. Both forged and cast items impress by refinement of forms and multitude of variants of design solutions available. However, unlike forge, cast seems more refined, has smoother lines. Moreover, cast canopy is more valuable and longer on performance than the forged one and in case of iron cast – its value is very high as iron is almost perpetual.


Items from iron: several more benefits

 By the way, this is exactly the alloy and the treatment (cast) that is recommended applying for artistic constructions which will be used on the air. Cast awning from iron or canopy will be absolutely indifferent to external impact and never suffer from perforation corrosion.


Cast from bronze and brass

 Brass and bronze are of no less interest than iron as materials for canopies and awnings. They seem rich and eye-catching in items imitating precious metal (in particular, gold) very realistically. Upon request cast from bronze and brass can be artificially antiqued that will enable to acquire even more luxurious and rich look.


Cast canopy and awningon a by-order basis

 In general, when you address the workshop offering services on manufacture of customized artistic steel constructions, absolutely everything is possible. Talented masters can implement brass, bronze or iron cast under the customer’s drawings – in any configuration, size and style. They will be able to reconstruct any canopy under a photo, create any item under the customer’s own creative sketch or draft. Such a cast awning or canopy will be a magnificent decoration of the house facade: unusual and unique.


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