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Ways of decoration of garden territory: park and garden sculpture

 Landscape design is popular tendency in nowadays, for which almost all owners pay a tribute. Because you appeal to its help it is easy to turn garden territory in original mini-park with unforgettable atmosphere.

Creation of landscape sketches

 It is not a must to hire professional landscape designer for good transformation, and afterwards depict your idea and make him to do it. You can make garden territory by yourself; you can take park and garden sculpture for help. When you make sketch you have to follow three main tips:
• Do not make crazy guilt and do not mix styles. Sculptures in your zone should be chosen in unified manner: neoclassic must not be with modern abstract compositions. Guests wont estimate and understand such eclectics, and it will not look good.
• Keep to the rule of unified size. Large park and garden sculptures will not suit to the little yards, and little will be lost in wide square of zone.
• Use not industrial line sculptures, but authoritative products. Exclusive park and garden sculpture is unique glamour and guarantee of originality of created landscape composition. Also it is relevance and correspondence to the general idea ,because masters and artists always will recommend you right style and key of street furniture. You can order exclusive sculpture in our artistic and manufacturing union «Eskiz-Metal»: we will make all unique ideas with pleasure.


Park and garden sculpture: topic variations

 Today you can buy many different sculptures: casted and beaten compositions with different topics, products made from bronze and casted iron, brass installations and even decorative kinetic park and garden sculpture, with ability to rotate.
 For decoration of territory you can choose sculptures of fantastic characters, which will make yard into magic country, animals, to turn into savanna etc.
 In general topical design is great idea of garden territory arrangement, which should be noticed.
 Besides sculptures in territory of mini-park, casted iron bench will perfectly look near your house, casted pillars and lanterns, with help of which you can perfectly underline all image of landscape composition. Also territory can be decorated with casted arch, which can be embraced with ivy and rambler roses, making live, shadowed shedder.
 The main point is not to overdo and over-saturate territory with sculptures; otherwise mini-park will be as show room of fine arts.

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