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Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1

 Was made of cast iron visor at St. Petersburg, Dumskaya str., house 1 in 2011.


 In the late 19th – early 20th century there were stalls on Dumskaya street, decorated with a similar cast of canopies that are currently lost. Only one old photograph remained, which can be seen on these canopies. Due to the lack of the original, we had to take a sample of similar cast canopy, left on a few inputs of the Military Medical Academy.


 Cast iron canopy manufactured and installed in just three months according to ancient technology.


 Customer: "SBERBANK of RUSSIA".

Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1 Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1
The lantern. Dumskaya, 1 Molded visor. Dumskaya, 1

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