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 Tsaruk Taras V., Member of the Russian Union of Artists and the Creative Association "Eskiz-Metall" produces sculptures for interior, garden design, landscape design made of wood, bronze, brass, copper, cast iron and other materials.

 We manufacture floor lamps, flower vases, decorative panels using gold and others using various modern technologies and materials.

 We also offer the production of prizes for various contests. From 2000 to 2003 prizes for national portrait competition "Silver letter" were annually produced.

 The archive of the Association contains a wealth of ideas, patterns and projects that are not yet implemented and are waiting for their customer and sponsor. Among them noteworthy spiral staircase "Dragonfly", which steps were invented in the form of the wings of a dragonfly.

 Also a decorative kinetic sculpture which can be rotated by the wind or electricity is interesting.

 Our business is very multilateral and diverse. We offer production of molded pillars, lanterns, chandeliers and sconces from our designs, and sketches of the customer.

Day and night. Decorative floor vase Day and night. Decorative floor vase
Monument. The or fall, all former angels dedicated...
Squirrel in a cage. Sketch Lovers. Sketch
The kinetic sculpture. Sketch Mirror. Sketch
The bridge with flashlights. Sketch Lantern. Sketches
Silver letter  	
Two cats. Sculpture Golden autumn - decorative panels, gold, graphic drawing The owner of the roofs, and black cats. Sketch

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